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The Constitution of the United Federation of Planets

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The Constitution of the United Federation of Planets

Post by Viceroy on Sun Apr 25, 2010 12:31 pm

The Constitution of The United Federation of


United Federation of Planets (abbreviated as UFP
commonly referred to as the Federation) is an
federal republic, composed of planetary
that agree to exist semi-autonomously under a single central
based on the principles of universal liberty, rights, and
and to share their knowledge and resources in peaceful
and space

We the life forms of the United Federation of
Planets determined to save
succeeding generations from the scourge
of war, and to reaffirm faith
in the fundamental rights of sentient
beings, in the dignity and worth
of all life forms, in the equal
rights of members of planetary systems
large and small, and to
establish conditions under which justice and
respect for the
obligations arising from treaties and other sources of
law can be maintained, and to promote social progress and
standards of living on all worlds.

The Federation Logo

The Federation obtains a Logo which represents the
United Federation of Planets before the entire Universe. This Logo
stands for Freedom, Equality, Universal Liberty, and Rights.

Article 1. Star Fleet



(also referred to as the Federation Starfleet) is the
deep-space exploratory and military service maintained by
United Federation of Planets.
Described as a "peacekeeping
and humanitarian

its principal functions include the advancement of Federation
about the galaxy and its inhabitants, the
of Federation science and technology, the military defense
of the
Federation, and the practice of Federation diplomacy.

As per its mandate of deep-space exploration, its personnel is
brought into contact with cultures and sentient species whose

existences are unknown to the Federation. Federation Starfleet officers
therefore act as official representatives of the Federation in these
Also, the Federation's Starfleet vessels are frequently used to
on diplomatic missions.


The primary purpose of Starfleet from its infancy is to " out
new life and new civilizations." and "...go boldly where no man has ever gone

This mission is accomplished with Starfleet's advanced technology and weaponry.

Article 1, Section 1.1. Star Fleet Command

Star Fleet Command, also referred to as the United
Earth Starfleet.
is the operating authority of Starfleet, the
exploratory, scientific, and military department of United Earth. The
organization's primary center is located in San Francisco of Earth. Starfleet Command is directed by the Chief of Staff, an appointed executive by the Supreme Chancellor to see to it the Starfleet Command is performing their duties and responsibilities.

Article 1, Section 1.2. Star Fleet Academy

Starfleet Academy (also referred to as the Space Academy) is the primary
service academy of the Federation Starfleet.
It has officially been established before the Supreme Chancellor and
has the motto, Ex Astris, Scientia, to serve as a
facility for Starfleet officers.
The headquarters of Starfleet Academy is located in the grounds of
the Star Fleet Command facility
. The Academy program typically
lasts four years, though
certain programs lasts five, six or eight

Section 1.2.1. Admittance Into The Academy

into Starfleet Academy begins with the acceptance of the
application. Once the application is accepted, the
undergoes the Academy entrance competition exams, which
those admitted by the best scores among a group of candidates

competing to gain admission. The exam contains sections on hyperspace
physics and dynamic
relationships, among others. Along with the
infamous "psych test", where
the prospective cadet must face their
greatest fear, unannounced tests
can take place at any time during
the exam period.

Not all candidates make entry into the Starfleet
Academy their first
attempt; however, if their scores are high
enough in the competition
they may be eligible to reapply the
following year. If the results of
the reapplication are sufficiently
high they will be accepted into the

non-Federation citizens, a candidate may attend the Academy if they
be sponsored and have a letter of reference written on their behalf
a command level officer. Once this is accomplished the candidate is
for the Academy Preparatory Exam.

Article 1, Section 1.2.2. Starfleet Academy


The following is a list of courses and
subjects given at Starfleet

Article 1, Section 1.2.3. Training Vessel

A training
is a starship
that is used to train cadets to
fly real starships. Typically, the training
vessel's crew will
go on training cruises.
The Federation
designs various vessels to be training vessels but strictly uses the
USS Republic.
Cadets in the Starfleet Academy are chosen to be on
training vessels with Starfleet Command sees fit, in this training
course they will learn what it is like to control and function a real

Article 1, Section 1.3. Treaties

must obtain the Logo of the Federation, Seal of the Supreme Chancellor,
Expressive Signature of the Supreme Chancellor, and the Universal Seal
of Peace, this is what the Supreme Chancellor must carry out in order to
make a Treaty official. The other party will be required to give at
least a logo of their empire, but a seal and signature of the leader of
the empire is appreciated. Treaties are the only way to have
international agreements, well to have international agreements
officiated anyway. Violation of Federation Treaties will be not be taken
lightly, once broken this will allow the Star Fleet of the United
Federation of Planets do what the treaty strictly said no to.

Article 1, Section 1.4. General Orders

  • General Order 1:
    "No starship may interfere with the
    normal development of any alien
    life or society."

General Order 1 is also better
known as the Prime Directive. It supersedes all other laws and
with the exception of the Omega

  • General Order 4:
    Said to be the only death
    left on the books.

This contradicts
General Order 7 below, which is also
said to be the only death
penalty left. If relations with the Talosians
have not changed, it could be this new General Order might have been
to include other planets that might be a threat to the Federation.

  • General Order 6: If all life aboard a Federation
    has perished, the ship will self-destruct within twenty-four
    to protect other ships from potential hazards within.

order can only be carried out with the spoken words "General Order 6"
by the Captain, Commander, and Lieutenant of the Vessel.

  • General Order 7: No vessel under any
    emergency or otherwise, is to visit Star Base Command.

is also said to be the only death
left in the United Federation of Planets.

This order
must has been rescinded for General Order 4 which
is also the only
death penalty left on the books. This mostly refers to High Treason.

  • General Order 12: On the approach of any vessel, when
    have not been established the ship is to take a defense posture

  • General Order 13: Evacuation Order for Starfleet

  • General Order 15: No Flag Officer shall beam into a
    hazardous area without armed escort.

  • General
    Order 24:
    An order to destroy all life on an entire Planet.
  • General
    Order 25:
    All Starfleet vessels are to return home immediately
    and be prepared for immediate war
  • General Order 26:
    All Starfleet vessels return to Star Base Command
Article 1, Section 1.5. Starfleet Directives

  • Directive
    "Before engaging alien species in battle, any
    and all
    attempts to make first contact and achieve nonmilitary
    must be made."
  • Directive 101: Any individual
    accused of murder does
    not have to answer any questions.
  • Tactical
    Directive 36:
    "The captain will not engage a
    hostile force
    without the protection of a security officer, engineer, and tactical
Article 1, Section 1.6. Starfleet Orders
differ from Starfleet General Orders.

  • Starfleet
    Order 2:
    Starfleet regulation against the
    taking of
    intelligent life.
  • Starfleet Order 104: Section
    B, Paragraph 1-A - In the
    absence of a starship's assigned captain,
    a flag officer has the
    authority to assume command of the starship
    should they deem it
  • Starfleet Order 104:
    Section C - Should it be proven
    with admissible evidence that the
    flag officer who has assumed command
    is medically or psychologically
    unfit for command, the starship's
    ranking officer may relieve them
    on that basis. However, such an action
    must be supported by an
    appropriate certification of unfittness by the ship's Chief Medical
    (requiring the CMO to also produce test results to that
    effect) or
    other clear evidence, such as an act of attempted
  • Starfleet Order 2005: Orders the
    destruction of a
    starship by allowing matter and antimatter to mix
    in an uncontrolled
    manner. This is a last resort for a captain that
    allows him/her to
    prevent their ship or crew from falling into
    enemy hands.
  • Starfleet Order 28455: Federation
    order that dictates
    the formal relief of a commanding officer by
    their successor.

  • Special Order
    Federation order that states:
    "[Starfleet has] the
    authority to neutralize security threats to Star Base Command by any
    means necessary".
Article 1, Section 1.7. Starfleet Regulations

  • Regulation 3 : In the event of imminent
    a Starfleet Captain is authorized to preserve the lives of
    his crew
    by any justifiable means.

  • Regulation
    : An officer must consider
    himself under arrest, unless
    in the presence of the most senior fellow
    officers presently
    available, the officers must give satisfactory answer
    to those
  • Regulation 12: Relates to the Captain

    undertaking command of an away mission.

  • Regulation
    : In an alternate reality, this
    regulation relates to
    Starfleet's ethical code of conduct, and is part
    of the Starfleet
    Code. Starfleet Academy cadets found cheating are
    accused to be in
    violation of the regulation.
  • Regulation 42/15:
    "Pressure Variances in IRC Tank
    Storage" Part of the basic
    operational specifications for impulse
    engines. The tanks could
    actually handle more
    pressure than the regulations allowed.

  • Regulation 46A: If transmissions are being monitored
    battle, no uncoded messages on an open channel.
  • Regulation
    officers shall take all necessary
    precautions to minimize any
    participation in historical events.

  • Regulation 191: In a combat situation
    more than one ship, command falls to the vessel with tactical
    should there not be a higher ranking officer present.
  • Regulation
    : All away
    must report to the bridge at

    least once every 24 hours.
  • Regulation 619:
    The commanding officer must relieve
    themselves of command if their
    current mission leaves them emotionally
    compromised and unable to
    make rational decisions.

  • Regulation
    : Substances unstable in an oxygen atmosphere
    must be handled with care.
  • Regulation 3287.0:
    Due to its high volatile nature, antimatter
    must be stored in magnetic confinement pods.
  • Procedure
    : If a state of deep hostility exists, a
    landing party is
    to beam down fully armed and ready for any kind of

  • Reserve activation clause: A
    known" and "seldom used" clause in Starfleet regulations which
    for the recall of a retired or discharged officer
    the event of an emergency.
  • Starfleet Rules of Conduct
    has some power to influence
    the operation of civilian
    establishments on Starfleet-administeres
  • The Starfleet uniform code governed
    proper wearing of the uniform by Starfleet officers.

Article 2. Executive Branch

The executive branch is responsible
for the day-to-day management of
the Federation. The democratically-elected
Federation Supreme Chancellor or "President" of
as chief executive officer of the government, the President
most of the Federation's foreign policy, manages budgetary
and serves as supreme commander of the Federation's military
The President's office is located
in the Earth city of Paris on
the European continent.The Federation Cabinet is a special
committee to the Supreme Chancellor of the United Federation of

Article 2, Section 1.1 Legislature

The Federation Council is the unicameral
legislative body of the
Federation. Composed of representatives from the various members worlds,
the Federation Council holds the power to
create, amend, and ratify
Federation law. The
Federation Council also holds a great deal of
influence over the
operations of the Federation's military service,
It sometimes serves as the judging body of
specially-convened court martials,
and on occasion issued
operational orders to Starfleet. The Federation Council also holds
influence over the making of Federation foreign policy. The Council's
chamber is in the Earth city of San Francisco, on the west
coast of the North American continent.

Article 4. Starbases

All Starbases in Federation space are in the ownership of the Federation itself, if the station has been authorized for creation by another species of institution the Federation will still have the highest authority over it and has the full power to demolish it or use it at any time need be by a majority vote of the Federation Council.
Article 4, Section 1.1. Construction

Any Federation Civilian can request a Starbase to be constructed, this will take only 1 day but with the large fee of 20,000 Latinum for all of the material used to create it. This amount also includes the fee for allowing the Starbase to maintain in Federation Space. Construction of a Starbase must directly be authorized by the Supreme Chancellor himself and no one else can overrule this judgment except of course him. Construction of Starbases will be put through a vote in the Federation Council, if there is a majority in favor then the Starbase will be constructed and if not then it is declined. At the end of the vote the Supreme Chancellor does have the final say.

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