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Post by Ari Hadar on Mon Apr 26, 2010 2:57 am

Gorr - Cadet. All Cardassians Will Start of as a Gorr(automatic promotion after 1-week)

Garresh - Sr Cadet. Next Rank With this rank You can Sever on ships.(automatic promotion after 1 week

Gil - Ensign. This rank you can leave the ship your on and if needed take command

Glinn - Lieutenant. In the event of the ship your severing on is About to be destroyed you can be saved. There is also more Command positions available.

Dalin - Lt. Commander. Usually head of a Ships System or 2ed officer. Important Crew member.

Dal - Commander. usually Head of a ships System , 1st officer Or command a Ship. Important Crew member

Gul - Captain. Can Command a Ship, planet or Star Base.(limited Faction Command)Important Crew member. Can only be appointed by a Legate

Jagul - Commodore. Can Command A Fleet, Planet(s) or a Star base (Limited Faction Command). Can only be appointed by a legate

Gagul - Rear admiral. Can Command Fleets, Planet(s) and Star Bases (limited Faction Command)
Legate - Admiral/Leader. See below .( can only be appointed by a Legates)

Legate Positions
head of The Navy - May improve, buy ships and promote people
Head of The Army - May Enlist Soldiers, buy weapons, maintain Army and may promote people
Head of State - Second in Command of The Cardassian Order, Superior to the HotN and HotA.
Commander In Chief - Commands The Order has full authorization over the Order

After you get to the rank of Gil, you must get promoted by somebody of a command position.

Pay Grades
unlike other factions, We pay our members

Gorr - 50 Latuim a week
Garresh - 100 Latuim a week
Gil - 250 Latuim a week
Glinn - 500 Latuim a Week
Dalin - 1000 Latuim a week
Dal - 1500 Latuim a week
Gul - 2000 Latuim a week
Jagul - 2500 Latuim a week
Gagul - 3000 Latuim a week
Legate - 5000 Latuim a week
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