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Post by Evil Person on Mon Apr 26, 2010 1:52 pm

Cloaking Field Genorator
Illegal To: Federation & Cardassians
Fits: Small Ships, Medium Ships, Large Ships
Benefits: Cloaks your ship, this is like the klingon of romulan cloak, it works forever untill destroyed or deactivated.
Cost: 40,000

Modified Hand Phaser
Illegal To: All
Setting 1: Stun
Setting 2: 100
Setting 3: 200 (Vaproises a persons body)
Cost: 400

Borg Transwarp Coil
Illegal to: All
Speed: 400
Cost: 5,000,000

Borg Nanoprobe
Illegal to: All
Benefits: Use this to assimilate an NPC, these can be inserted into a ships control panels to give you control of the ship, it takes 1 to assimilate an npc, 2 to assimilate a ship.
Cost: 500,000,000,000

Modified Klingon Disrupter
Illegal To: Federation, Vaaduar
Setting 1: 100
Setting 2: 200 (Vaporising body)
Setting 3: 300
Setting 4: 400
Cost: 800

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