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Romulan-Cardassian Trade

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Romulan-Cardassian Trade

Post by Evil Person on Tue Apr 27, 2010 1:59 pm

Romulus-ROmulan Neutral Zone-Alpha Quadrent - Cardassia(4 Days)
Speed: 9.4
ETA w/speed: 4 Hours, 3 Min
Cloak: Activated
Computer Systems: In Romulan Control untill Keldons reach Romulus safely

1x Romulan Warbird (Deridex class warbird)
Ownership: Romulan Star Empire
Attack: 5,000 Hull, 2,000 Shields
Hull: 4,000
Shields: 4,000
Cargo: 60 Light Vehicals and 30 Heavy Vehicals
Shuttles: 40
Passengers: 10,000
Speed: 9.4
Cost: 2 Keldon Class Warships

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