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Federation-Romulan Treaty

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Federation-Romulan Treaty

Post by Evil Person on Tue May 04, 2010 7:25 pm

Romulan-Federation Treaty

Section I

The Romulan Neutral Zone, no longer accesible by any faction, unless mutual agreement is made by 2 captains, 1 from each side to send one ship in for a perpouse of capturing a fugitive, or stopping a natural disaster. Should one of the factions go into the Neutral Zone, the captain of the ship is punished, unless the captain has a valid reason. The faction leaders are allowed to patrol the Zone with 1 ship a day.....the ship can not enter the Zone but it can border it......each side is allowed to have stations on the border, but not in the zone.

Section II

Should a faction break this traty by sending 4 or more ships into the zone without mutual agreement, the ships that entered the Zone will be Destroyed, and should occupents survive they will be punished to the maximum of the law.

Section III

This treaty enshures that each faction will not attack each other, if they do the ships involved will be destroyed or impounded, the people abored will be punished to the fullest of law.


Romulan Emporer Willice

United Federation of Planets Supreme Chancellor Viceroy

(Federation Leader, sign this and we can have a safe treaty, we will not attack each other)

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Re: Federation-Romulan Treaty

Post by Viceroy on Tue May 04, 2010 7:40 pm


I already edited it, now we cannot have war against one another.

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