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Episode 1 V2: The Majestic

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Episode 1 V2: The Majestic

Post by Ari Hadar on Tue Jun 01, 2010 6:21 pm

Episode 1 V2 the Majestic

Captain Willice was in his Ready Room, With Read Admiral Norbert.
"Admiral The Enterprise hasn't been assigned to your task Force you have no jurisdiction over me or my crew, Now please leave my ship before I have security drag you away." Willice said
Willice got up from his chair walked round his desk feeling the textures of it, and looked out his window. Into oblivion.
"Captain While your record is stainless, I can't let one of our most advanced ships leave dock only half complete. There's also the fact this ship is the Flagship of the Federation"
"don't remind me" Willice intruded. the admiral looked at the Captain with disgust at how he could easily disregard an superior officer.
"pick your mouth of the floor when your leaving Admiral, I have an Ambassador to ferry."
The Admiral left with haste and disgust, he couldn't stand why the Captain was so reckless with him. but he knew he wasn't goign to let the Enterprise launch, until construction had been completed. while the ship was Space worthy it was very debatable on how combat worthy the ship was. But the Captain didn't really care much, he knew the ship was space worthy and that's all he cared about. Well what was visible about the captains emotions.
"Sisiz to Captain"
"Who's this." Willices replied with suppression
"Commander Alex Sisiz, your 1st officer, Fleet Admiral Lexis appointed me, so looks like ware goign to be fiends"he rpeiled
"Very well might me on the bridge, take some photos why'll your at it"
"Photos Sir, Why would I take, photos?"
"i don't know maybe you ware that type of person, what ever hurry up and get here"
"yes sir."
Alex came out of the turbo life and greeted the bridge staff before going into the Captain's room. he was about to press the open button when the captain opened it for him.
"when you spend most of your time greeting an expendable crew, you guess these kinda things."
"wait did you just call your crew expendable, how can you say such a thing."
"I'm not sure, try looking emotion under the dictionary. Any ways get on the bridge we have work to do, we leave dock in 5 minutes."
Alex rolled his eyes and complied, took his seat next to the captain and looked at the crew, he looked at them again. and thought to him self, "if my captain this selfless, why the hell did star fleet give him there Flagship"
"Ensign Yoruba or what ever your useless name is. Set course, 223.682 Mark 276023.2245."
"but that will take us into Romulan territory." The Sign said while cursing the captain under his tongue.
"i'm very aware of that so do it now, or will you need to be relived of duty?"
"no sir setting coarse now."
The USS. Enterprise, Majestic Class a Sovereign Variant, built more for Deep space exploration, than diplomatic missions left space dock. Admiral Norbert looked in shock as he and hundreds of other staff tried to get the Enterprise to re-dock but it was to late,. she had already jumped to Warp. Her hopefully generous 1st voyage had begun.. just maybe not how star fleet wanted it too.

“Commander Sisiz would you mind meeting me in my ready room in 5minutes”Captain Willice said quite sternly.
“Yes, Sir”he replied
Willice went to his ready room and Sisiz decided to look over the bridge staff, he saw a Barjoran woman on the Conn, she was about 28, she was beautiful, the type of woman the Bajoran poets make poems about, but instead of having poems write for her she was stuck on the USS Enterprise-F, and it most likely doomed voyage, Sisiz went over to her, he stared at her still she said
“Are you alright sir.?”
Still in transfiction, but he soon jumped back to reality
“Umm ah yeah of course Ensign.” he said quite nervously
He noticed that he had been admiring the Ensign for a good 10 minutes, Willice came onto the bridge, not knowing that had happened and ordered him into his ready room.
“sorry sir, coming now.”
they both went into his ready room, Sisiz sat down while the captain, got a cup of Ernneth tea.
“I may be a Vulcan but I just love the smell of this tea.”
“maybe that's part of your Klingon Dna?”
“yes maybe, well I didn't call you in here to talk about tea, you should know ware transporter the Ambassador Olsen, to Romulus, for peace talk.”
“yes on the This Ship, I'm quite suprized they finished her so soon”
“that's because they didn't she wasn't even commissioned yet, ware a ghost ship.”
“Are you telling me that We have Illegally taken the Enterprise?”
“That's very much what I'm saying Commander”
“won't Starfleet Command be looking for us?”
“Commander you ask to many questions, I hard you were actually offered command of the ship, but you denied and took 1st officer?”
“I ask to many questions?” he jokingly said why'll Willice just stared at him
“well my last ship I had command on the USS. Quality a Valiant Class. She was lost with all hands I was on the surface with an an away team, it remains an msytory to why it was destroyed, I just couldn't take the burden of command again.”
“yes very charming story, but I have something important to tell you. The ship you are on was built for War the Majestic Class was at 1st going to be built for Deep space it was , while this one was built for war. And I intend to fulfil its role.”
before Sisiz could respond he was called for via his comm badge.
“sorry sir, I need to go”
Sisiz got up and left the room while Willice now pondered to him self weather or not he could trust Sisiz.

Sisiz got to Engineering to see a Lt. Commander Alistair Vorstock, a Russian born Starfleet engineer.
“Ah Ali, its go to see you again, I haven't seen you since the Academy.”
“Ah Siniz my good friend you own me a bottle of Vodka.”
“you never forget a bet if it has drink involved”
“not my fault he became an Admiral before your estimation.””yeah well the that n Admiral guessing game nearly cost me an arm and a leg”
“that's because my friend you suck at gambling”
“that I may but I am good at climbing the food chain”
“yes that you are...that you are, thou I expected you to have your own ship by now.”
“I did, but she...-
“I understand, so Sineiz how did you get 1st officer.?”
“Sucking up and just being a good officer.”
“All that got me was chief Engineer on several ships and stations”
“you all start some ware, so what did you call me down here for?”
“no real reason I just saw you name on the roster and had to see you again”
“well I'm glad you did, but I have a job to do, and so do you.”
“Aye, I, Aye, always so duty perfect aren't you”
“yeah yeah what ever Al”
Sisiz left Engineering happy knowing he had a friend on-board and went to his quarters.
He moved a few things around got something to eat and began a log entry.
“1st officers personal log
I'm not happy about hearing of the news my captain has told me, it was to disturbing, I just hope he doesn't jeopardise the peace, I hope there's some cross between his Vulcan and Klingon DNA, making him unstable, or its he's a crazy man. There's currently no grounds I can relive him of duty so, until then I have to put up with him, I'm glad I found Ali, again he's a good guy and I know I have a friend and this bucket of bolts, I know if things go awry I can fall back on him. End Log/”
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Re: Episode 1 V2: The Majestic

Post by Evil Person on Wed Jun 02, 2010 8:13 pm

The ship shook

"Captain to all hands, report to battle stations" i said over the intercom

"Lt. what is the configuration of the ship attacking us" i said

"Federation........Starfleet Defiant Class" said the lt.

"Charge Phasers, disable its engines, dont let me see a scratch anyware but on the engines, make shure not to damage them beyond repair, just cause a rift in there warp field" i said, he shot and it hit there weapons array

"You insulent Fool" i said "Your relived" i said as i walked to the tactical consol

i pressed a few buttons, the ship fired 4 photon torpetoes, they hit the defiants shield grid, it caused a feed back loop causing them to drop out of warp

all of the officers were looking at me, Seziz had just came to the bridge

"Why did you fire on that ship sir, starfleet command will most likely courtmarchell you" said a random ensign

"I am starfleet command" i said and walked to my ready room "Do not desterb me untill we get to romulus, Commander, you have the bridge, dont do anything funny, get me if a ship starts to attack us" i said looking very angry, and i walked into my ready room and locked the door

"Computer, command code Alpha Tango 2215262" i said

"Command Code accepted, no entry into this room allowed, all communicaations cut off" said the computer

"Acces file 385726" i said

"Fire Accesed" said the Computer

"Run scan for tachyon particles, form specified in the current file" i said

"Scanning" said the computer "There is a large mass 2 Lightyears away" said the computer

"Cancel inquery, send the cordinents to the bridge" i said

"Sending" said the computer"

"Computer unlock doors" i said, i walked onto the bridge

"Red Alert, All hands battlestations, dont fire untill i give the order" i said

"Aye sir" said a lt.

"Open a secure channel to the location at the cordinents i sent to your consol" i said

"Channel Open" said the lt.

"Romulan Warship Telek, decloak ammedietly, transport the ambassidor by shuttlecraft over at once" i said

My computer is an old Windows 2000, dont tell me to upgrade becasue i cant afford it.
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