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Code of conduct.

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Code of conduct.

Post by Josh on Mon Jul 26, 2010 2:46 pm

This forum is a community and like all communities we have rules and we ask that you adhere to them.
1. Always be polite, kind, and caring!

2. Never say any hurtful or mean comments. If you think you might be saying something mean check in with yourself before you say it and see if you would like that said to you.

3. No Scamming (ripping-off)

4. Never insult anyone

5. FOLLOW ALL RULES IN PMs AND FORWARD ANY BAD ONES TO STAFF! [PMs are NOT a right...They can be suspended if you mis-behave!]

6. Don't abuse the chat box- IT IS NOT A right! WE CAN BAN MEMBERS FROM IT!

7. Please be respectful to all authorities, we have many members and need to keep it a happy place

8. If you make anyone feel unsafe in anyway you will be punished


10. NO PERSONAL INFORMATION-I cannot stress this enough! It is vital to your security and others.

11. PLEASE FLAG ANY INNAPROPROATE POSTS! I can not stress this enough! It's the best way to grab the attention of a Mod or Admin!

12. No Posts Under 3 Words Please! (Posts with less are Spam and may be deleted or merged Wink )

NOTE: Rule does not apply when Quoting a different Post in the Double- Post Wink (Please PM an Admin if you do not Understand that....)

13. Please No Double- Posting (1 post after another) unless it is Seperated by 24hrs from the Original Post, unless you hit quote and are quoting someone. (Double- Posts may be merged or deleted Wink )

Please Note that the Administration Can & Will Take Negative Action Against your Account if you do not Follow the Rules.

But Most Importantly -- Have Fun! Very Happy
We're so Happy to have you in our Community
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