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Ship Specifications

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Ship Specifications

Post by Evil Person on Thu Apr 15, 2010 7:00 pm

U.S.S. Enterprise-F
Captian: Willice

Crew Members: 1,562
Sr. Staff: 2-6 (not shure yet)
Civilians: 500
Crew Broke down:
Medical/Science Staff: 521
Engineering: 531
Command: 510

Class: Majestic Class
Length: 4,960 Meters
With: 1,560 Meters
Decks: 25
Shuttle Bays: 2 (Each having 10 Class 8 Shuttles, 5 Class 9 Shuttles, 1 Delta Flier, 2 Denube Runabouts, and 2 Klingon Birds of prey)
Sickbays: 2 (1 on deck 10 and 1 on deck 20
Holodecks: 4 (Holodeck 1 on Deck 1, HD 2 on Deck 10, HD 3 on Deck 15 and HD 4 on deck 24)
Mess hall on deck 2
Bridge is set up like NX-01 but is more advanced, the conference room is now sealed off. (Stations, Helm, Ops, Tactical, Communications, Engineering, 2 extra consols are there, they can be used for science, or engineering perpouses)
This ship has saucer seperation, 1 battle bridge

Type 4 Navigational Shielding
Type 3 Deflector Shields
Type 1 Hull Plating

8 Phaser Arrays
2 Fwd Photon/Transphasic Torpeto Launchers
2 Aft Photon/Transphasic Torpeto Launchers
1 Fwd Quantom Torpeto Launcher

Torpeto Complament:
1,000 Photon Torpetos
500 Quantom Torpetos
10 Transphasic Torpetoes

Standard Long Range Sensors (Max 50,000 lightyears)
Standard Short Range Sensors (Max 500,000 KM)
Secondary Long Range Sensors (Distance 25,000 lightyears)
Secondayr Short Range Sensors (Distance 250,000KM)
Experimental Long Range Time Sensors (2 Years back, 1 year forward)
Experimenta; Short Range Time Sensors (1 Year Back, 6 Months Forward)
Automated Targeting Sensors (Can Target Multiple Ships)
Manual Targeting Sensors (Can only target 1 Ship)
High Yield Planetary Sensors (All light spectrums inc)
Bio Detectors (Detects Life Forms, Distance 4 Lightyears)

Standard Space Cruising Speed: Warp 8
Maximum Safe Speed: 9.975
Emergency Speed: 9.99
Manoeuvrability: 95%

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